Charlotte Penketh


Two top career highlights:

“My first would be playing in a small string ensemble as part of the Edinburgh Festival. It was a bunch of other freelance friends and colleagues and we played what is now my favourite piece of music – “Verklarte Nacht” in a dusty old echoey church.  I fell in love with this piece of music and I always remember that concert so fondly.”

“My other fave was playing for a rehearsal with Belle and Sebastian who are – and still are – my favourite band.  It was very surreal playing along to some of the best music that was the soundtrack to my adolescence.”

Musical inspiration:

“My earliest memory of music was watching my mum and dad play duets together and seeing them having so much fun and sound so incredible.  I guess I just wanted to do what they were doing! I’m so fortunate to have two super supportive parents who nurtured and cultured my love of music and drove to loads of sessions and rehearsals.”

What’s on your playlist?

“I’m trying to listen to more music and am slowly working my way through Joni Mitchell’s back catalogue – starting with “Blue.”