Katrina Lee


Katrina has been playing with Korda String Quartet for 8 years now and is also the Principal 2nd Violin of the Orchestra of Scottish Ballet.

Top two career highlights:

Both my career highlights are centred around touring – one of my favourite parts about being a musician! The first one has to be going to Japan with BBCSSO in 2019.  Japan has always been on my bucket list and I just loved everything about it – I can’t wait to go back!

The second has to be doing a show called “Hup” with Starcatchers – Andrew was there too! During my time on the show, we travelled to Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, New Jersey and New York.  There was only 5 of us in the whole show and we really got to know each other during the tours – I’ve made friendships for life with those lovely people!

Musical inspiration:

The social side of music really sparked my love for it.  The chance to meet and play with other musicians is something that is truly precious.  I have to also add that the only I could a career as a Violinist is due to having somebody sponsoring me to have lessons.  I am very grateful to this day that this extremely generous act has allowed me an opportunity to have a career I otherwise could only have imagined.

What’s on your playlist?

On my playlist at the moment is my total guilty pleasure…Reggaeton! It reminds me of being with my husbands family and friends in Chile and summer vibes in general.